Ground beef dinner idea

Ground beef dinner idea

Ground beef dinner idea.

As far as value and family friendliness are concerned, you can’t beat ground beef at dinner time. Most Americans have grown up eating ground beef, or hamburger as it’s also referred to. In fact, what summer would be complete without a juicy hamburger cooked on the back yard grill?

Although health consciousness, along with industry and fast food beef scares in recent years have caused many folks to shy away from consuming ground beef, there are ways to prepare ground beef that are both safe and good for you too.

Recipe Preparation Begins in The Supermarket

Ground beef dinner idea 1

Good meat cost more. That’s no surprise. Grass fed beef is much preferable to stockyard fed beef when you want to maintain a healthy diet plan.

Why is grass fed beef better for you?

It is better for you because cattle are grazers designed by nature to consume and digest naturally growing grass. Eating grass keeps them lean. Grass-fed cattle roam freely, which attributes to the lean nature of their meat.

Stockyard Versus Grass-fed Beef

The recent growing popularity of organic products has sparked a debate about grass-fed beef benefits versus the price you pay for it. Is the 2 – 3x supermarket price markup worth it? The bigger issue is more likely the overall health benefits of eating grass fed beef over the conventional grain or corn fed beef.

Your local supermarket or butcher shop will offer four types of meat which will vary in exposure to grain.

  1. Veal – this calf has never been fed grain and will be predominantly males as they do not produce milk so are of lower value as adults.
  2. Organic or 100% grass fed – cattle that have spent their whole lives in a pasture.
  3. Initially grass fed beef but had grain in the end of his life.
  4. Grain fed beef that have been raised in the conventional manner and have not eaten grass in a pasture at all.

This list (not surprisingly) is also in order of most expensive to least expensive.

How to grind your own ground beef?

Ground beef dinner idea

How to grind your own ground beef with a meat grinder. Grinding meat at home is healthier and the quality is a lot better! Here are some tips on choosing cuts for grinding at home with a meat grinder:

– Choose whole, primal cuts of beef to grind. These cuts will be from one cow and one slaughterhouse reducing the risks of slaughterhouse processing and food borne pathogens.

– For hamburgers: choose beef sirloin, sirloin tip or top round for lean burgers, typically with 15% or less fat, or choose boneless beef chuck steak or roast for burgers with about 20% fat.


Easy Recipes for Ground Beef

While you are at the supermarket you may as well buy the other products, you will need to make your ground beef dish. The hard part comes in when you have to decide how healthy you want your meal to be.

A raw vegetable diet is fairly healthy. A meal that contains bottled or packaged items will be less healthy but this is a tradeoff you have to make. All packaged foods have higher amounts of salt, sugar, or trans-fats present, which make them less desirable.

For a recipe to be “easy” or “quick” you will have to resolve yourself to using packaged or bottled foods on occasion. It’s the tradeoff you have to make for convenience.

Let’s look at a taco salad recipe that contains a small amount of packaged foods but is based upon a raw vegetable diet. This is a great recipe to prepare in the summertime when you are short on food preparation time yet want a healthy and filling meal for your family or guests.

Organic salad makings are best. However, you may have to compromise to save time and buy a ready-made salad in a cellophane bag. Remember the tradeoffs we discussed? This may have to be one of them.

7 ground beef dinner ideas


1. Ground beef with potatoes casserole

A warm and hearty casserole which is made of beef, potatoes, cream of mushroom soup topped with sharp cheddar cheese. It is a one pot meal with all the nutrients. Protein from the beef, carbohydrates from the potatoes, and calcium from the cheese, what more can you ask for?


2. Taco Filling

Sauté ground beef with taco seasoning, chili sauce, and lots of garlic. Put on taco shells top with chopped lettuce, tomato and tangy and spicy pepper jack cheese. Everybody will say Ole!


3. Meatballs

It is made up of ground beef, home-made bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, eggs and seasonings. Every family has their own version of meatballs. It can be all American or Italian. You can eat them as a meal with mashed potatoes, make a meatball sandwich, or top them in spaghetti. Whatever your preference, it is super delicious.

4. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Make use of the meat balls that you made and make a crowd pleasing spaghetti and meatballs. Just sauté garlic, onion, basil, salt and pepper, and tomato sauce and top it with parmesan cheese. It is simply awesome.


5. Enchilada Casserole

Mexican food is hot on the scene nowadays. So what is a good way to infuse Mexican spices than enchilada. It is made up of ground beef, chili peppers, cream of mushroom soup topped with cheddar cheese and crunchy tortilla chips.


6. Baked Macaroni

Make your usual mac and cheese meatier by adding ground beef and tomato sauce. Sauté beef, garlic, onion and tomato sauce then make a cheese sauce by mixing cheddar, pepper jack and Gouda. Bake it until brown on top and enjoy.

7. Beefy Macaroni Casserole

Pump up your baked macaroni is one of the staples in home recipes. Just add vegetables like carrots and potatoes, cooked macaroni, beef and top with cheese.

You can try these ground beef recipes that you and your family will surely love. The beef is a good source of protein. It is also very tasty and except if you are a vegetarian, you will surely love these recipes and keep them for good.

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