vegetable soup with leftover vegetables

How do you make a perfect vegetable soup with leftover vegetables?

vegetable soup with leftover vegetables?

Ever wondered what can I do with all the vegetables left in my refrigerator? Well, I’m going to explain what little tricks I use at the end of every week. You can turn every vegetable in an amazing soup but you do have to follow a couple of simple rules to make the soup taste perfect every time.

My 5 simple rules to make the perfect soup.


  • You have to think about how your finished soup is going to look like. Do you want to mix your soup into a smooth silky dinner/lunch or do you want to make soup with little vegetable cubes in it?
  • You have to clean your leftover vegetables so they look as good as new. And cut the vegetables in the preferred cheap.
  • You really need an amazing chicken or vegetable stock to start with the basics. Like with everything in life how better the basics how better the end products. Well, that’s what I learned from my first chef anyway. Click here for my recipe!
  • If you just want a smooth mixed soup you really don’t have to worry about how to fry the vegetables but if you just want to make an amazing soup with vegetable cubes in it I recommend frying the hardest vegetables first.
  • Always look what kind of spices you have laying around! And just start experimenting with those!


vegetable soup with leftover vegetables

What basic ingredients do you use?

There are a couple of basic ingredients you always have to use when you make your leftover soup! These are my 4 basic ingredients:

  • Onions
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • A good chicken or vegetable stock

 People eat with their eyes!

So, on this quote. Another basic yet not to mess with tip is to use the same color of vegetables I really recommend doing this to avoid funny looking soups in the end! Especially when you have kids!

If you really don’t have a choice to mix some different color vegetables. I recommend following example:

  • 0,5-part orange (carrots)
  • 2 parts green (broccoli)
  • 1,5 white (union, white part of leeks)

My quick 9 step plan to make the perfect soup!

  • Assemble the vegetables you’re cooking with.
  • Clean all these vegetables.
  • Cut the vegetables in the preferred shape.
  • Fry the vegetables until they soften.
  • Add your spice mix.
  • At the preferred stock. Two-part vegetable / three-parts stock.
  • Let it boil for 30 minutes until the vegetables are cooked.
  • Mix the soup until it’s smooth.
  • Taste the soup and add salt and pepper.

Best served really hot!!!

vegetable soup with leftover vegetables

How do you store leftover soup?

You have to different ways to store leftover soup. Best tip after you made your soup is to cool it off as fast as possible! This will help keep your soup fresh for a longer period of time.

First way is to store your soup in the refrigerator in airtight container! If you store your soup this way you can keeps the soup fresh for 4 to 5 days.

If you want to store your soup for a longer period of time, around 1 to 5 months.Then you have to store your soup in the freezer again in an airtight container.To unfreeze the soup just take it out of the deep freeze and in the refrigerator one day in advance.



Extra tip for Leftovers in general: Consider This Before You Toss It!

Before you throw out leftover food: veggies, meat, fish, pasta, rice, actually anything, consider this…

1. Is there enough left over to make another meal or two? If so, will it retain its general taste and texture if it is reheated? (Some things are even better the second day.) 
2. Do you have room to store it in your freezer? Or a friend you can give it to, who would appreciate it, if you don’t? 
3. Will it work for lunch or dinner the next day, or the day after? (Who says you can’t enjoy the same thing two days in a row!) 
4. Is it freezable (again, taste and texture)? Can it be frozen and reheated for a future lunch or dinner? 
5. If it won’t work for another meal, will it add flavor to soup stock, stew, gravy or another dish?

A few ideas –

* Leftover roasted, steamed, boiled, baked vegetables are great frozen in a freezer bag for use in soup stock, pureed or whole, depending on the soup and the type of vegetable.

* Leftover vegetables, like roasted mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, potatoes, etc. are a great and tasty addition to an omelet, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They might also work in spaghetti sauce, chili or in a simple pasta dish. Be creative and try something new. If it works, share it. If it doesn’t, you tried… and likely learned something in the process.

* Leftover roast chicken or turkey carcass makes great soup stock. Leftover meat that has been properly cooled, stored and then reheated in soup stock, adds flavor and protein to soups. To make SOUP STOCK (the stuff you make BEFORE you add the meat and anything that will stay in the soup once the stock is made): Cover the carcass with water, bring to a boil and simmer for several hours with an onion, cloves of garlic, celery tops, carrots, bay leaf, etc. to draw all the flavors into the stock. Remove stock from heat, remove bones and chunks of vegetable, etc. from the stock (using a colander or strainer). Allow the stock to cool (as quickly as possible) then skim off the fat. Use the soup stock as the base for any number of soups, including chicken or turkey soup.

* Leftover roast beef, pork or chicken works for a second dinner or in sandwiches or tortilla wraps for lunch the next day… try a high fiber tortilla wrap or bread, add a little mayo or Miracle Whip, regular or Dijon mustard, a bit of salt and pepper, some lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or whatever makes your mouth water, and you have a healthy, delicious and cost saving (you made it!) lunch. Add a piece of fruit and or some veggies along with a couple of high fiber cookies (The Lazy Chef Double Chocolate Walnut Oatmeal) and you’re set for the day.

* The tail, head and skin from wild salmon makes great soup stock for a chowder. Once the stock is made add the leftover salmon meat to the chowder. Or, use the leftover salmon to make Salmon Melts or Salmon Wraps. Delicious!

* Leftover rice is great the next day or frozen for reheating later on its own or in a fried rice dish. Or, add it to homemade vegetable, beef or chicken soup.

* Leftover pasta can be frozen for using later. Chop it up and add it to soups, or saute it in oil with crushed garlic, a bit of finely chopped onion, some diced prosciutto, ham or chicken, a few sliced mushrooms, and sprinkled (while it’s cooking or after) with asiago or parmesan cheese. Yum!!

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